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SimpleHomeSecurity360 is the HD WiFi Security Camera that’s as easy to use as a lightbulb!

  • Simple to install indoors or out. Just screw it in!
  • Crystal clear 360° HD video and sound.
  • Free app, with real time WiFi viewing.
  • Motion detection, 2-way sound, and SD card recording.
  • Yes, it’s also a long-lasting LED light.
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The Best Security Cam
The high quality SimpleHomeSecurity360 offers HD video, built-in mic, and a wide 360 degree view.
Plug and Play
No wiring, no installation. Screw into any light socket indoors or outside, and you’re good to go. And it’s also a light!
WiFi and Alerts
The free app (iOS and Android) allows real-time viewing, with motion detector alerts. Private SD card recording too!
Shipping and Guarantee
We offer fast shipping, and full 30 day money back guarantee. You can buy with complete confidence.

Have a Camera System Up and Running In Minutes. No Wiring. No Tools. No Problem.

See and Hear Everything – Indoors and Outside

A wide 360-degree view in crystal-clear HD. The built-in mic/speaker is two- way, so you can view your house and talk to people from anywhere.

Motion Detection and Night Vision

Military-grade night vision cuts through the dark. Motion detection and instant app alerts keep you on top of things. Perfect for when you’re away!

Free App and Recording

Use the free app to view the camera in real time and control its features. Recording is available via SD card for complete privacy.

Why SimpleHome Security Bulb?
Small Size. Low Price. HUGE Features!

Say goodbye to expensive, complicated cameras. And leave the wires and electrical installation behind. SimpleHome Security Bulb gives you powerful home security indoors and out.

Fully WiFi with Free Smartphone App

Rock solid wifi means your bulb camera is always connected and watching. All features are controlled through the free app (iOS and Android compatible.)

24/7 Smartphone Monitoring

Private live video feed is viewable right on your smartphone. Permanent, secure recording on SD card.

Incredible HD Live Video

There are several view options including a 360- degree view. View up to 4 cameras at a time in crystal-clear HD. You’ll never miss a thing.

Powered By Your Light Socket!

Plug and play installation. If you can screw in a lightbulb, you can install this security bulb camera.

Night Vision and Mic/Speaker

Night vision cuts through the dark. Two-way mic and speaker lets you hear and converse from anywhere.

Motion Detection and Alerts

Get a real-time alert on your smartphone whenever there’s motion in the area!

The Smartest Home Security Solution Available

Spy Cam / Nanny Cam

24/7/365 Security

Fully Weatherproof

Protect Home and Family

Exclusive Offer - Not Available Anywhere Else

Complete Security and Monitoring for Your Home or Work

Stop Porch Pirates!
Package theft is at an all-time high. Stop them cold!
Watch Kids, Seniors, and Pets
Perfect for keeping an eye on your loved ones when you’re not there.
Monitor Your Home 24/7
Outdoors and in, day or night, the SimpleHome Security Bulb is always on the job.
Ideal for Businesses Too
Keep an eye on the office, a warehouse, garage, storage building... anywhere!
Watch Your Home 24/7 and Get Real-Time Alerts
Without Expensive Monitoring Fees!

You can view live feed from your home anywhere in the world – plus get motion detection alerts and record! And never pay a penny for monitoring fees.

Watch Your Home or Office from Anywhere.

Give yourself complete peace of mind while traveling. Being able to view your home or office when you’re away is priceless.

Free iOS and Android App

View and control all of your bulb cameras with the free app, compatible with both Apple and Android phones.

Motion Detection with Instant Alerts

Instantly be alerted on your smartphone when your camera detects motion (this can be turned on and off). Always know when someone is around your house or see who’s at the door before opening it.

See What Customers Say About SimpleHome Security Bulb

The SimpleHome Security Bulb camera has racked up 5-star review after 5-star review. Customers love the build quality and excellent home security features.

I Love This Camera

I avoided getting security cameras because I knew I couldn’t install them. But this one is crazy easy to install and get going. Literally 5 minutes from opening the box to getting the app downloaded and running.

Ken Marks Verified customer

Screw It In. That’s It.

Easy to set up. App is intuitive as well. I like watching three cameras at once but then choose one and zoom in. The SD card recording works better than I expected it to. Very satisfied with this purchase and would buy again.

Betty James Verified customer

Watching My Kids

Been working at home since the pandemic and not going back lol. I wanted to watch the kids in the yard and pool while working. I put one of these in the outside floodlight and now I have backyard video!

Sherry Eason Verified customer


"I have always wanted a camera but any type of installation is beyond me. This one went right into my porch light and that was it. I can now check on my front door anytime. I love it!"
Sandy Sorenson (Verified Purchase)
"This is a “why didn’t they think of this sooner” product. It’s so clever to have a camera that doesn’t need any kind of installation. I have three and am getting one more for the shed."
David Weber (Verified Purchase)
"I was surprised at the quality. This is a really solid camera and its tough as nails (I dropped it and it was fine because the bulb is hard plastic). It’s also perfect for people who rent because there’s no screwing or wiring or anything. Screw it in and literally that’s it. "
Eric Morrow (Verified Purchase)
"The app is really good and does everything you need. I turn off the motion when I am home and turn it on when I go. It’s so nice to be able to see my home from anywhere."
Thomas Spencer (Verified Purchase)

Exclusive Offer - Not Available Anywhere Else

You Have Questions? We Have Answers:

Q: Is it really that easy to install this camera?

Yes, it really is as simple as screwing in a lightbulb. Literally anyone can do it.

Q: What about wiring or batteries?

None required. The camera gets its power from the light socket.

Q: Can this camera be used outdoors?

Yes it can – it’s fully weather resistant. Any existing outdoor light fixture with a standard sized light socket can accept and power the bulb camera. This means almost all porch lights and floodlight housings.

Q: Does the light need to be on for the camera to work?

No, it does not. The camera will work day or night whether the light is on or off (you leave the power to the light fixture on so the camera always works, and turn the light on and off from the app).

Q: How long does the bulb last?

The LED bulb has a lifespan of 50,000 hours. That’s about 10-11 years. And if the bulb ever does burn out (unlikely as that is) the camera will still work.

Q: Is there an app to view live video? And can the camera record?

Yes, the free iOS or Android app lets you view video, listen and talk, and control camera functions. The recording is handled via built-in SD card slot.

Q: Can more than one person download the app and view the cameras?

Yes, you can share your camera feed with family members and friends. They download the app and use the account information and password you setup.

Exclusive Offer - Not Available Anywhere Else